Soter Rover

Landscaping Robot

Soter Rover is a multifunctional robotic platform used for mowing, spraying, and soil cultivation in hard-to-reach terrain. It simplifies workloads and saves users from harsh and risky environments typical to operating small and medium-sized farm equipment.

Design, build, test, break, repeat. This is the rhythm of life at our company when bringing a new rover to life. There are no shortcuts to success in the remote landscaping equipment industry. Innovation takes iteration. We designed SOTER rover from the ground up to achieve the perfect blend of reliability, simplicity, and efficiency while keeping the on-field workflow simple and fast.

The technology we are offering draws inspiration from the fields of low center of gravity agro mechanics, long-range drone control systems, electric off-road powertrain design as well real pain points typical to an orchard, vineyard, and green area maintenance (lack of manpower. pesticide poisoning, operator safety)

Through the use of already available cultivator attachments on the market used for mowing/mulching, spraying, snow removal, load pulling, etc., it is the perfect tool for landscaping and communal work in inaccessible terrain and risky work environments.

We decided to create SOTER in order to get to the bottom of 5 main things

  1. Lack of manual labor for hire availability in lawn, orchard, vineyard, and other plantation maintenance due to intensity of work.

The landscaping industry (orchard, vineyard, and park maintenance) is a fast-growing industry that has seen little to no innovation in the last one hundred years and is heavily dependent on manual labor, low margins, and high turnovers. It is synonymous with long hours of being exposed to the elements (sun, wind, exhaust fumes, chemicals while spraying) as well as the inherent risk of operating traditional equipment on steep terrain. Automatization is slowly but surely finding its way into lawn care and fruit and wine plantation maintenance.

  1. Minimum labor required to operate the product and get the job done (remote control, video link, autopilot)

The product is an all-wheel-drive, zero-turn robotic platform controlled via remote control. The robot (rover) is equipped with a live video feed link allowing a user to control the rover from the distance, thus distancing himself from the risky environment while operating the rover. There is an option to completely remove user input by using an autopilot feature and rtk GPS technology for autonomous navigation.

  1. Ability to use a vast array of already available cultivator attachments on the market. (mower, sprayer, plow, snowplow)

Rover’s PTO shaft add-on allows users to choose from a vast array of already available cultivator attachments on the market, thus giving it a user-defined, multi-functional value. Cultivator attachments available on the market were already subject to rigorous testing and development processes by different manufacturers, and show a high level of effectiveness and reliability. We concentrate on robotic platform development, NOT attachment development (mowing decks, sprayers, mulchers, snowblowers, etc). We will provide users with appropriate attachment plates and PTO shaft adapters, so users can use attachments they already might have or are planning on purchasing whether with us or other attachment manufacturers.

  1. We use modern technology in a pragmatic way in order to solve everlasting problems in Ag and landscaping.

Rover is constructed in a very pragmatic way out of readily available components, initially not intended for this use. The simplicity of our design allows for reliability and ease of maintenance. All this contributes to minimizing user input when it comes to operation and maintenance and increasing overall productivity in the field.

  1. Overcoming familiar shortcomings of traditional medium and small-sized farm equipment

Traditional medium and small-sized farm equipment ( conventional small tractors, walk-behind tractors, walk-behind mowers, ride-on mowers, trimmers) all require users to be in the direct vicinity of the equipment being operated on. This has its numerous inherent shortcomings like the serious risk of poisoning while inhaling combustion engine fumes and spraying chemicals. Also, there is a serious risk of injury due to the direct vicinity of mowing blades for example, or rolling over of equipment on steep terrain. Last but not least, users of this kind of equipment have to rely on physical strength in order to operate this kind of equipment continuously (pushing, sun, noise, vibrations, wind, rain), whereas our rover allows users to operate equipment remotely using just one finger.


Soter derives from the Greek epithet σωτήρ (sōtēr), meaning a savior, a deliverer.

Weed management by trimmers is 7 times slower than using Soter Robotics RC Mower. Since we started using their equipment, our 2 hectare park maintenance became fun for the first time after a long time

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The only drawback we see in using this product is the lack of physical exercise you would otherwise have if you were doing things by trimmer, or ride-on mowers and tractors.

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