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Soter goes to agri-tech fairs

February 22, 2023

The biggest event of the Novi Sad Fair, the 89th International Agricultural Fair, was held in its standard spring term, from May 21st to 27th. It retained the traditional format, which gave exhibitors the opportunity to present themselves indoors and outdoors at the oldest fairgrounds in this part of Europe.

It brought together 1,100 exhibitors from Serbia and 21 countries (Hungary, Italy, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Indonesia, Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Slovenia, Denmark, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, BiH, Montenegro, Austria, Morocco, Cuba, Belgium, and Angola.) Those who performed for the first time at the Agricultural Fair of Cuba, Angola, and Morocco. Hungary organized collective exhibitions, the Czech Republic, Italy, the Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Spain and Indonesia, and Morocco.

Soter Robotics @ Novi Sad Agriculture Fair

We collected good feedback from the field and in general people’s reactions were very impressive.

Most people were open to new tech approaches for solving real-world problems, especially the younger population who understand the importance of solving real problems that concern poisoning and tractor overturns on the field.

Nikola Lukicic @ Belgrade Tech Fair

It is generally known that the new Belgrade Fair began its historical campaign with the Technical Fair in 1957, thus becoming the foundation and support of the fair industry in Serbia, but also the motherland from which some other large, specialized events of the Belgrade Fair emerged.

Today, the Technology Fair is described as the leading regional development-technological fair event, the most prestigious specialized fair event of such a profile, and an integrator and support of economic cooperation in the field of technology, and technical-technological achievements, and innovations.

Soter Robotic as a partner of the Science and Technology Park from Belgrade had its booth in Hall 2, and Soter Rover won the sympathy of visitors, both young and old. We made great contacts and educated a large number of people about the benefits of robotics in agriculture.